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My Paranormal Experiences Part 1
Since it has been wayyy to long since I've posted something and I am currently reading so I thought it would be a good idea to write about my own experiences. It may sounds unbelieavable but I did (and still do) encounter quite a number of paranormal occurences even since I was a little child. I don't know why, just my luck I guess haha.

My earliest experience was when I was 4-5 years old. I was visiting my aunt's home in a suburban area with my family. There are 4 children in the house, my brother, our twin cousins (male, all three of them are a year older than me) and me being the youngest. One night the three of them was playing in the living room while I was with my mother when suddenly I heard them talking loudly about seeing some flying white cloth outside the window, moving around at the clothes hanger in the front yard. They tried to tell the adults who clearly didn't saw it, describing it as a piece of white cloth floating/flying in rapid movement while giving out a faint glowing light. I went to the window to see what they were talking about and I see it too, the white clothing. What confused me was why none of the boys mentioned about the glowing white skull that was attached to the cloth.

Nukoduke! By Yugi Iro
Another non-yaoi manga that is worth looking at! No shoujo-shit (my kind of story), adorable cat ears, gag stories, at above all those tinyyyyyyy nukoooooo!!!! Argh just looking at them make me squeal like a 5-years old~~~ >o< The stories are short, 5 pages 4-koma style, telling the story of laid-back freeter Yuuya, stumbled upon 2 stray nuko's Kei and Sasame,and the stories about their everyday lives.

Take a look at some of the manga pages:

Their first meeting.

The lazy Yuuya, young Sasame, Angryyyyyy Kei. Hahaha the owner is being taken care of by his nuko~~

Triple wink! Yuuya is feeling lonely without his adorable nukos, aww~~

It is Christmas with the nukos! Would you like a present for a tiny santa? Aww those girl are soooo luckyy!!!!

Well, now I am off to re-read the manga for the 35th time, please do take a look! It is worth it!

New Artwork for Collaboration Poster
The last time I remember drawing a full-figure is last year... Luckily my inking skill hasn't left me yet although my hand shook terribly during the process, had to take frequent breaks.. So here it is, the name is Wise. And yes it is a girl, haha.Wise

How long since the last time I've been here?
Gosh, has it been 4 months already? New life after completing your study sure is tough, but oh well I am hanging there. Still haven't get a proper job yet but I'll do my best!

Anyway this is done using Paint. Photoshop is too heavy for my laptop and will make it freeze after a while, geez.

At least unlike real paintings I can erase any mistakes in this one, and still got a loonng way to go... Especially the mountains (on the background) and the clouds... And the ground... and the trees... Ok fine everything.

A quicker and easier way to quench my arts thirst despite my busy schedule, huehuehue...
Does anyone knows about this site? It is a chinese site by the way. I am having trouble accessing it for 3 months already, I am desperately in need of help... I can't speak a single chinese word... Help meeeee..... T-T

Dear You
There are many things in this world
That bring us much unwanted grief
Broken heart, lonely soul
Feeling unwated, betrayed trust
The bitterness of losing
This broken, pained heart
It feels heavy, the uncertain tomorrow
For how long should I bear?

Dear you with a tattered belief
Only you will understand how deep is your own scar
Dear you with a forgotten smile
Only you will know how hard have you been pushing yourself

Dear you with a sad expression
Your smile is beautiful, your self is precious
Even if now your are drenched in tears
Let the rain wipes it, let your pround face go
The child in you that yearns love
Let it come out and seek for relief
We learn how to be strong through defeat
We learn how to be tough through humiliation
We learn how to be unique through loneliness
We learn how to love through bonds

Dear you with a lagged pace
There is no useless existence, your self included
Hopelessness is a part and parcel of life
Being slammed head first on the ground would hurt
So does eating alone in the corner of the cafeteria
Life is harsh and cruel sometimes
But even so you still choose this world don't you?
Let it out, the heart that is furiously screaming
Shout towards the sky with a hoarse voice
Reddened eyes, stuffy nose from crying too much
Emit out an everlasting voice
The proof that you wouldn't lose

Dear you with an uncool style
Love starts by giving without hoping
Without hesitating, extend your shivering hands
Someday there will be ones to grab yours
And hold them for dear life, a newly founded bonds
People will respect you for your greatness
Real friends will love you for your greatness,
and even more for your flaws
Family will love you just because it is you
Lets not take those love for granted
Lets protect them and treasure them
Together with those newly founded bonds
Even when those people can only be counted with ten fingers
Those people are the one who will shield you
While themselves are bleeding
They wouldn't want to lose you

Dear you will a gloomy figure
When you're about to give up, please remember
victory and defeat are unchangable states
Whether you win with a glorious pride
Or stepped on a total loss
But it is not the end, it is just a start
You will decide whether to try or to regret
If you win, rejoice and be glad, enjoy the triumph
And tomorrow be yourself again for a new journey
If you lose, fall down and weep, mourn the loss
And tomorrow, be yourself again for a new journey
The card is in your hand, you will decide what to do
Running away is fine, just come back later
With the stonger you and undying will
Fight until the end, so you can laugh about it later
Presents a spectacular fight, so even if you lose
You will lose beautifully

So dear you
Let's survive.

Due to extreme yearning for sushi but unable to buy it due to my scholarship for this semester are not in yet, so here is some pics instead...:

I am hugry.... had to settle for instant noodles for tonight, sob sob... being a student is tough..... T-T

Superman x Batman Doujinshi : Sit!
For those who loveee bara and loveeee this pairing, maybe you wanna check this doujin out! Although it is a bit short but just being able to see the ice queen batman and the big adorable puppy superman.... I am in heavennnn!!!

You can download it here! : Don't forget to say thanks!

I frequently browse through deviantart to find a lil' bit, if any, about this couple. Although there is also some other pairing (I don't know much about comic, sorry) batman x nightwing, batman x that full-red mask guy, etc2.. but they just suit each other sooo well! Batman being the rich young master, prideful and all, and the naive kind superman, ahhh.... heartwarming.... *flowers in background*. And batman having a big bat family (nightwing, damian, batgirl etc2..) he just soo suited to be the mother, and superman the kind, patient papa! XD Love how batman being batman order superman around and superman happily wagging his tail following... but in the end batman being totally adorable on bed (I am all up for an uke-bat!) XDDD

To You, Whom I Love.
The night was cold and silent,
As I embrace my thought further into the horizon,
My mind will immediately recall your smile,
And being alone in this chilly room,
Your soft, kind words,
Warmed my chilly heart instantly.

The me who are unable to be honest,
Always end up showing this poker face,
While refusing to utter the words of love,
That I believe you always wanted to hear,
As a proof that we are together.

Whilst being together making us feel lonely,
Let me hold your hand until it is not lonely anymore,
Despite the unspoken lines,
The me that are like the cold night,
Being able to meet you,
Is a miracle in itself.

The strongest people is the loneliest,
Facing the harsh reality I dragged my fate endlessly,
And soon forgot even how to smile.

Clouded by the mist, surrounded by the shadow,
Hope no longer have a meaning,
Emotion is easily discarded,
So does tears, and love.

Then you came tapping my shoulder,
Showing a bright, cheerful laughter,
And without reserve, pulling me into your light,
It was somehow disturbing and overwhelming,
Yet I cried.

I've learned to bear a painful wound,
Yet you're the one showing the excruciating expression,
I've learned to push my limit to the extreme,
Yet you will come at times telling me to rest,
I've learned to keep my emotion inside,
Yet you stand beside me offering a shoulder,
I've learned to bear this never-ending loneliness,
Yet you came and tell me you love me.

The me that are like the cold night,
Are now happy looking at the vast sky,
Simply because there is a star that you like up there,
If the reason even the simplest thing is now dear to me,
Because I have come to know what is love,
It is indeed somehow puzzling, yet warm.

The me who are unable to be honest,
Despite my poker face,
Seeing your smile already makes me happy,
Having you here is more than I can ask for,
Because my heart that was like a cold night,
Is now warm, and beaming,
As it has known love,
From you.

Anyone know Spanish?
I was doing some sort of scanlation for Stinger by Tateno Makoto using a spanish scanlation and google translate, but this part puzzles me a lot, anyone know what does this mean?

conoces esa frase que dice: "(inverted question mark) que demonios?"

Google translate says it is "What the hell" or "Than devil" but it does not make sense with the whole conversation...

Anyone can help?


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